Lil Wayne vs Pusha T

Tunechi vs Pusha

Quoted from Michael Buffer ringside:

In the red cornaa…fresh outta Rikers Island- wearing the pink sequined robe, Bape hoodie and fluffy Ugg boots- weighing in at a solid 150 lbs we have Lil Tunechi! (Lil Weezy). Aaand in the white cornaaa… (soft or hard?) hailing from Virginia wearing the black robe, Bape hoodie and Ice Creams we have the undisputed king of subliminals outside of Jigga Man- Pusha T! This one promises to be a battle royal the likes of which hasn’t been seen on the internet since… Common vs Drake/ Pusha T vs Young Chop/ Pusha T vs Drake/ Lil Tunechi vs Gillie The Kid/ Spongebob vs Dora The Exploraaa and many mooaar. Let’s get ready to RUMBLE…

Besides all the hype, Pusha T and Lil Wayne threw successive jabs at each other recently, with Lil Weezy breaking the invisible fourth wall and calling out Pusha T by NAME! (OMGROFLBBQ). Despite the almost unanimous agreement amongst internet weirdos and critics that Lil Wayne’s response was hot garbage, the world is still waiting to see if this escalates into an all out YMCMB vs GOOD music ground war (manufactured or not).

Click after the break to hear both tracks and leave your opinion on this f**kery. Shouts out to 2Dopeboyz for the audio.

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