Lakers Get Dwight Howard (Internet Explodes)

dwight lakers

I see you workin, David Stern. You piss off Laker fans worldwide by shutting down the Chris Paul trade last summer, but make up for it by gifting them Dwight Howard. That’s the only explanation for the blockbuster four team trade that has the 76ers taking chronic IR headcase Andrew Bynum off our hands, and giving Kobe the opportunity to mold laboratory experiment Dwight Howard into a champion.

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Dwight Howard is a natural fit for Hollywood. He’s already a big kid just having the time of his life out there-despite ripping off Shaquille O’Neal’s Superman schtick and penchant for cracking random jokes.

Being a sports fan in Los Angeles just got a whole lot crazier. Blake Griffin and Dwight Howard facing off 4 times a year? Steve Nash and Chris Paul in a battle for Western Conference point guard supremacy? An All Star team made up of all LA Players? Let’s not forget the added drama of having Lamar Odom (remember him?) in a Clippers uniform again.

Yeesh. October 30th can’t get here fast enough.

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