Lil Wayne Flat Out Hates New York

wayne hates new york

In an interview with MTV News, Lil Wayne expressed his disdain for the city of New York presumably based around his stint in Rikers Island, and his artist Nicki Minaj getting the gas face at Summer Jam.

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So now a New York Senator responds to Lil Wayne’s New York diss by saying he disrespected the memory of Frank Sinatra? Come on son. Now he wants Lil Wayne to apologize for dissing New York? I’m sure New Yorkers are thrilled to see what their tax dollars are being used for; harassing pop stars for having an opinion.

It’s like the city been soft since Snoop crushed the buildings. This Malcom Smith character needs to go somewhere and sit down. Props for calling out Queens native Nicki Minaj for not ‘whispering’ in Wayne’s ear, whatever that means. Grandstanding at it’s finest.

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