Adrianne Ho From New York

camo ho

You know the dime-piece at the club with the exotic features sporting her boyfriend’s gear and still banging like crips and bloods? That’s Adrianne Ho the ‘Unofficial Face Of Menswear’. The mixed French/Chinese beauty has already conquered street wear brands like Supreme, FUCT, and Stussy- with the additional honor of being a Hypebeast favorite.

Originally hailing from T-Dot (Toronto), Ho is currently based in New York where she’s repped by NEXT management and lists kickboxing and running, as her favorite hobbies. With a couple of GQ spreads under her belt, a recent Complex mag feature and countless opportunities on the horizon, it certainly appears the sky is the limit for this Ho.

Get your Instragram thirst on, follow her on Twitter, and click after the jump for more Adrianne.

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