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Mayweather Outclasses Alvarez (12 Round Decision)


Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather is still undefeated after last nights record breaking $40 Million dollar performance at the MGM Grand against Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez. In a 12 Round (but not unanimous) decision Money May frustrated the younger, heavier Alvarez with a the requisite combination of defensive speed and precision counter punching that he is world famous […]

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Kendrick Lamar Says ‘They Need To Try Harder’

In response to the millions (seemingly) of recorded responses to his now legendary verse on the Big Sean track Control, Kendrick tells TMZ the offended would be competitors need to try harder before he’ll give a damn about their work. Or something like that. King Kendrick indeed… Click after the break for more response to […]

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Rock The Bells Eazy E and ODB Holograms

Never let it be said that corporate America won’t squeeze the life and relevancy out of any minor trend or cultural curiosity they deem profitable. Last year fans at Coachella were treated to an out the box virtual performance from a Tupac Shakur hologram that bounced around the stage, trading verses with Dr Dre and […]

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Kanye West Spazzing At Pusha T Listening Session


YEE-ZUS YEE-ZUS… Kanye off that Goose again. This time Ye laces the crowd with an anti-corporate rant mixed in with a few subliminal shots at Drake (numbers on jerseys?) and the ‘culture vultures’. Guess that album really is coming out now. My Name Is My Name in stores October 8th.

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