Freddie Gibbs & Madlib Break Pinata

Gibbs Madlib Pinata Header

Roughly 3 years in the making, Gangsta Gibbs and the reclusive Madlib drop the heavily anticipated Pinata (Formerly Cocaine Pinata) to the internetz and it doesn’t disappoint. Both artists are in late season form on this release, with Madlib dipping into his vault sized collection of crates to lace the sleepy eyed Gary native with some of his better jawns. According to Gibbs, neither artist spent time together in the studio, but their respective vision is stamped all over the record like an overseas passport.

Jacked from Rolling Stone:

Gibbs: We two different guys, man. I was still in the streets when I first started that Madlib album. I was, then I wasn’t. You can tell the progression on the record, though. You can tell the different places that I’m in, ’cause I did it over the course of three years, coming up with the ideas and concepts.

Standout tracks include; Harolds, Lakers, Knicks, Bomb (feat. Raekwon The Chef) and the smooth posse cut Robes with guest verses from Odd Future (sans Tyler). Gibbs also takes shots at former boss Young Jeezy on the cut ‘Real’ over a beat change so ridiculous it has to be heard to be understood. Only time will tell whether the choice to go independent provides Gibbs with the happiness that he seeks, but for now- fans and real heads rejoice at the creativity and freedom that produce the raw shit.


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