Childish Gambino Goes Off Down Under

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Childish Gambino got the .Cal on him apparently. Earlier this week at a show in Sydney Australia, the former ‘Community’ actor unleashed a verbal assault on his peers in the rap game (all of them) much like Kendrick Lamar did last year on his Control guest verse. Clearly pissed at the comparisons to other artists in the game Gambino plants his foot down and takes aim:

“I’m the best rapper, definitely top five,” Gambino rapped. “If these other rappers think they’re better, they’re fucking not alive. I cut their head off, that’s every rapper living. That’s Kendrick. That’s Drake. That’s Schoolboy. That’s everyone. I don’t give a fuck, I’ll kill n—-s.”

He also wants you to know he sings better than Wheelchair Jimmy too:

“This n—- think he Drake. Nah I ain’t Drake. I sing better, I do better, my shit wetter.”


Childish Gambino’s new album Because The Internet is on iTunes now.

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