2016 Alfa 4C Spider Is Light Work


The 2016 Alfa 4C is an ultra-lightweight sport coupe with a heavy design footprint, turbocharged aluminum engine and is NOT available in the United States (awww). First spotted at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, The 4C boasts titanium carbon framework, carbon fiber windshield, calfskin leather upholstery, and ‘decent’ factory rims.

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In addition to the slick V shaped hood, The Spider comes equipped with a native DNA computer application with 3 drive modes (Dynamic, Natural, and All Weather). Interior features include a central TFT screen, and mechanical handbrake in the middle armrest. Billed as a sporty alternative to the Porsche Boxster, the 4C can go 0-60 in 4.6 seconds, but has a conservative top speed of 130 (compared to the Boxster’s 170).

The 4C Spider won’t necessarily break the bank for those ballin on a budget, with a sticker price around 83K.

Start saving those cans…

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