Empire Breaks 22 Year Old Ratings Record

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Fox Television has a bonafide hit on it’s hands. Hate it or love it, the blinged out Hip Hop soap opera, and brainchild of Lee Daniels continues to rake in the viewers and break records. According to Entertainment Weekly, the show is pulling in an average of 14 million viewers an episode- and topping the coveted 18-49 demographic.

With celebrities such as Terence Howard, and Taraji P. Henson acting as regulars, and cameos from stars like Courtney Love, and Naomi Campbell, it seems like everyone is trying to hop on the Lyon Clan bandwagon. Fox has already renewed for a second season, and even 50 Cent has to be pleased that a little Twitter beef with his old friend Taraji can rub off positively on his similar looking “Power” drama on Starz network (Power came first).

Not everybody is on board with Empire. Critics of the show point out the familiar, worn out cliches and black stereotypes that get highlighted every week to the delight of an audience that may not be laughing with their fellow black viewers, so much as laughing at them.

Shout out to Malik Yoba…

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