Nissan Prepping The GTR R36 Supercar Killer

nissan gtr r36 header

The 2018 Nissan GTR R36 is yet another Gran Turismo concept car turned production model scheduled to hit the streets. As part of their intention to phase out the classic R35 body type with the Nismo, Nissan will test the super-car waters with the re-done R36 that may include a hybrid electrical/Twin Turbo V6 engine.

nissan gtr header four

Only time will tell what the finished prototype will look like, but designers promise it will more or less resemble the video game version with a few notable tweaks (no crystal meth). In the meantime, enjoy the 2016 Nismo’s 600 HP, requisite light weight titanium chassis and 160k (that’s all?) sticker price.

One Hunnit…

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