Broncos Stun Panthers For Superbowl Win 24-10

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Superbowl 50 was marked by the California sunlight and the blinding speed of the Denver Broncos defense which harassed and sacked MVP superstar Cam Newton all over the field. Even a cameo by NBA champ and bay area hero Steph Curry for the pre-game hype couldn’t give the favored Panthers enough mojo to overcome the speedy Denver pass rush and their own apparent jitters. Every time it appeared Carolina was mounting a scoring drive, they shot themselves in the foot with penalties, turnovers, and dropped passes.

It seemed as if the game was just out of reach for Carolina all night, as 39 year old Peyton Manning didn’t do his offense much favors either, but managed the game well enough for his No. 1 ranked defense to take home the Lombardi trophy.

Congrats to The Broncos, game MVP Von Miller and Peyton Manning who will probably retire with this win.

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