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Obama Re-Opens Diplomatic Ties With Cuba

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Looks like Da Profile Prez is at it again… Jacked from NYTimes online: “We will end an outdated approach that for decades has failed to advance our interests, and instead we will begin to normalize relations between our two countries,” Mr. Obama said in a nationally televised statement from the White House. The deal, he […]

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Bobby Shmurda Arrested On Conspiracy/Gun Charge

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Bobby Shmurda (Of Shmoney Dance fame) was arrested alongside his GS9 affiliates yesterday, outside of the infamous Quad Recording Studio where Tupac Shakur was shot two decades ago. NYPD officials have slapped the “Hot Nigga” with multiple charges in a sealed indictment ranging from gun possession, to narcotics and gang activity. Bobby’s no stranger to […]

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Killer Mike On CNN talks Mike Brown and Ferguson

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Jacked from Complex: Former Outkast affiliate and ATL representative Killer Mike joins ‘killer legs’ Brooke Baldwin on CNN to discuss the weeks old civil unrest in Ferguson MO, over the murder of 18 year old Mike Brown. Killer Mike speaks about police brutality, his kids, his barbershop, and the possible consequences for America ‘if and […]

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White House Down (Trailer)

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Oscar winner Jamie Foxx is right back at you with a new role as the POTUS, following his critically acclaimed turn as Django last Christmas. Directed by Roland Emmerich (Independence Day, 2012) White House Down will be the second movie this year to feature a terrorist attack on DC. Could this be reflective of the […]

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Foreign Policy (Dictatorship) LP

How To Make Loot presents the most important album of the 21st century! The year is 2004, and the Iraqi war has claimed countless lives. The scars of 9/11 are still fresh in the minds of American citizens with the shadow of terrorism still looming over the country. Truth seekers around the globe are convinced […]

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Footage Of Megaupload Founder Raid Released

In a sequence of events worthy of a James Bond villain, American FBI agents kicked in the door wavin the .44 at the New Zealand mansion owned by Megaupload mogul Kim Dotcom. The ‘Special Forces’ that executed the raid must have thought they were in a Call Of Duty video game or something as the […]

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