Dogz4Life The Mixtape 2015

dogz mixtape cover

dogz back

This is it! The official download is available now. For those who don’t know, this Official 2015 Mixtape features well known Dogz4life artists going hard in the paint. Every song is a banger and with 24 tracks total you can’t go wrong. Highlights include tracks like ‘Flashy Lights’, ‘Fat Blunt’, ‘Bizness’, and the posse cut ‘This Is How We Roll’.

Shout out to Batman for making this happen, and don’t forget to feed the Dogz.


Play 4. 06-Bizness-Amsterdam-Draft-Batman.mp3

Play 5. 07-Want-It-All-Amsterdam-J-Locc-Syd-V-Thomas-G.mp3

Play 6. 21-Fantastic-Amsterdam-Wild-Child-aka-Chizzle-Hot-Box.mp3

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