Lloyd Banks V6: The Gift

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Lloyd Banks is normally given the credit for being a clever punchline rapper, and was easily the best emcee in G-Unit during the glory days, but his album output has been mediocre at best. Now that 50 has moved on to producing movies, acting and shilling Street King energy drinks, Banks can focus on developing his brand exclusively.

After hearing this mixtape your opinion on Banks may or may not change, but his ear for production has definitely improved, despite the weirdness going on with his voice these days (what is that anyway?) As usual, preview and download.


Play 3. 05-Lloyd_Banks-We_Run_The_Town_Feat_Vado_Prod_By_Automatic.mp3

Play 4. 09-Lloyd_Banks-Chosen_Few_Feat_Jadakiss_Prod_By_Beat_Butcher.mp3

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